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 Tamsin Walker

Tamsin Walker was raised in Yorkshire, England and studied at the National Academy of Writing (NAW). Her short fiction has been published in several anthologies and her plays have been performed in the UK and Germany. Her short plays Indecent Exposure and Digits won competitions at the English Theatre Berlin and Bristol's Tobacco Factory respectively.

She works as a journalist in Berlin, where she also writes a regular radio column for DW, Germany's international broadcaster, on the quirks and perks of life in her long-time adopted home. She has five children.

Described by Michael Palin as 'original and intriguing…a clever premise, disturbingly well developed', Impersonation is her debut novel.

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Jamie Phillips

Jamie Phillips is a first-time author who writes literary nonfiction about travel. She has been to thirty-four countries on six continents over more than a decade of travelling and living abroad. 

She is Canadian, was born in Singapore and has lived in Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Thailand. She has worked as an administrative assistant for the government of Western Australia, a farmhand on an organic sheep farm, a shop clerk at a remote outback store, a teacher of English and yoga, and a researcher for head-hunters in the United Kingdom. She has a degree in psychology from the University of British Columbia. 

She currently lives in Calgary, Alberta. Her next destination is...undecided.

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Our Books

I caught a glimpse of myself today. Not the me of my mirror image, nor the me of my forgiving mind’s eye, but the me that strangers see. I saw my description on the pages of a book, recognized myself in the words of a man I have never met.”

When Ruth receives a new novel from her book club, she is immediately intrigued. ‘The Ruthlessness of One Man’ claims to be about a real life London commuter and, as Ruth delves further into the dark tale, she makes a sinister discovery. 

She is that commuter.

As Ruth reads on and becomes convinced that the author, Mr Walden, intends her to be more than just his muse, she must unravel the story to uncover just what he has in store for her, both on paper and in reality. Ultimately, she only has the book itself to piece together Mr Walden’s identity and motive.

But can she do it in time to stop herself from becoming the victim of a twisted literary plot?

An intriguingly original literary detective story… a clever premise, disturbingly well developed.    

Michael Palin

Tamsin Walker’s powerful debut novel has an elegant and assured style which balances mystery, dark humour, and a subtle evocation of place and character which fits perfectly with the suspense of the plot. A talent to look out for.

J. P. Davidson, Author of Planet Word


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